Commission Process

Give me a picture and I’ll transform it into something that’s forever! Something that might evoke that “WTF” moment! Whether on Canvas, a Drawing, a Tattoo Design or a spectacular piece of Stained Glass.

“Capture and hold that moment in time for eternity.”

The Process

  • Establish the style, size and particular medium.
  • All commissions are done under Signed Contract. 50% up front and 50% upon completion.
  • Gather source images and ideas that will help in generating compositional previews; i.e. rendering that start to bring the project into focus.
  • Finalize desired subject matter with finished concept(s).
  • Establish rough time line for completion of project.
  • Establish cost of materials to complete the project.
  • Establish the best way to view the project as it progresses.
  • Shipping and potential transportation cost are included in the final cost.

“Love the solace of creating something that will evoke and endure long after I’m gone.”