Dave Wissman

Born and raised in the hills of Western Massachusetts with a passion for the Outdoors and Athletics. A 3 sport high school athlete who spent many of weekends “working the woods” at home and in Southern Vermont.

Beyond home- fortunate to have earned a football scholarship to the University of New Hampshire.

Since....I’ve been an educator for the last 35 plus years and most recently have been a football coach at the Division 1 level.

Married my grammar school sweetheart- going on 34 years!!! Raised 3 sons; all of which love to throw a line, work the woods, watch the sun rise and raise their kids!!

Started painting in high school, often at the expense of other classes but still managed to maintain a decent GPA!! Oils were it for me!! Loved the smell and the ability to not have to rush the work. Recently I’ve branched to other mediums, Stained glass, Ink drawing, design etc.

“Love the solace of creating something that will evoke and endure long after I’m gone.”

Presently reside off the beaten path in the hills of southern Vermont with my dogs and chickens.